limbic® consulting

Top success through emotional presentation

Limbic® under license from Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG, Munich and in cooperation with Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

limbic® consulting

What really appeals to customers?


Imagine walking through the shelves of a market and seeing how your products are presented there. If you are lucky enough, everything looks fine and you feel satisfied. But you may also witness a situation, in which the products are missing on the shelf, the price tags show strange prices and descriptions, the advertising material cannot be found, the timely reordering of products was missed and the shop assistant on site is speaking only with data and facts. Be honest: what is going on with you in such a moment? How do you feel about this?
You can assume that your customers feel at least the same way as you, if not worse. You have to take action and change things RIGHT NOW.

The neurosciences with the latest brain research data prove one thing:

All purchase-related decisions are made emotionally, driven by feelings. These are seated in the limbic system of the brain and are controlled from there.
Our Limbic® Consultation helps you navigate the latest findings in brain research for effective presentation and staging at the POS.

What should be done?

It is crucial that even just the form of your products on the market shelves evokes positive emotions in customers. You should do everything you can to not let your customers feel disappointed, stressed and annoyed.
Limbic® Consulting is your exclusive chance to present your products to customers emotionally, using scientifically proven findings. Make it maximally easy for your customers to recognize your products on the shelf. Make your products look like they are smiling at customers and customers will thank you by buying your products and recommending them further.

Imagine what this means for you!

  • You attract customers and draw their attention to your products in the store, even if there is no shop assistant nearby at the moment. The emotions of your customers are still controlled by the limbic system.
  • You drastically shorten the time it takes customers to form an emotional bond with you and hugely increase their willingness to buy.
  • With Limbic® Sales Trainers, you train the shop assistants on site, so they are also able to enthusiastically communicate the emotional benefits of your product to customers.
  • You enhance the sustainably of your sales by making your customers feel like “they understand me.”

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