Top success through emotional facing

Limbic® under license from Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG, Munich and in cooperation with Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

limbic® pos

What do clients grasp with all of their senses and what really motivates them?


You have certainly asked yourself what exactly impacts your customers at POS. Which layout, colors, forms, and materials should you use to reach out to your customers emotionally and bond with them? Which scents inspire them and what kind of lighting will boost their mood? This is not a wishful thinking anymore, but a reality!
Limbic® pos uses the newest brain research data for your activity at POS Touchpoint.
The results of multiyear research, on which Limbic® pos is based, primarily prove one thing:
Purchase-related decisions are made based on feelings and emotions, controlled by the limbic system, a part of our brain where the feelings are processed.

What nuts are there to crack?

Every person responds to this differently – some people respond emotionally to clear lines and high-quality materials, others to ergonomic designs and harmonic forms, while another one gets allured by dazzling colors.
Every customer has their own emotional profile.
Until recently, the client classification into different types was done somewhat randomly. However, the exclusive research of limbic® pos now enables you to form your POS activities based on the latest scientific data and knowledge. With Limbic® pos in your hands, you have an exclusive method of showing a personalized approach to each of your customers, based on their own product and design preferences. You know exactly which preferences have the strongest impact on each emotional profile.

Imagine what this means for you!

  • The time a customer requires to decide for a purchase gets massively reduced, because they feel great at your POS and immediately develop trust in you, which is the basis of the buying impulse.
  • You don’t pass by your target group. Instead, you recognize and connect with them emotionally!
  • With Limbic, you bring the PS combination into action. You create ideas, followed by visualization, production, and implementation at POS.
  • You put the right emotional impact at the forefront and customers immediately start feeling great with you.

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