limbic® sales solution

Top success through emotional communication

Limbic® under license from Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG, Munich and in cooperation with Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

limbic® sales solution

What are customers really "thinking" and what drives them to buying?


Did you ever wish you were able to look inside your customers’ brains?
Did you wish you were able to quickly understand what is important for your customers and what arguments to use in order to emotionally bond and then inspire and acquire customers? Nowadays, this is no longer just a wish; this is a reality! You can master this amazing skill right now with the LIMBIC® SALES SOLUTION program of the Sales Activity Group®.
For the first time, the LIMBIC® SALES SOLUTION makes it possible to use the latest findings in brain research for your sales pitch.
The years of research, on which the training is based, prove primarily one thing: purchasing decisions are not made for rational or logical reasons! It doesn’t even matter that afterwards customers can give dozens of good reasons for their decision; purchasing decisions are made based on emotions, controlled by the limbic system, a region in the brain, where emotions are processed.

The challenge in this regard has been the following so far:

Customers’ emotional responses are different. Some customers’ emotions are triggered by stability and security, while others are attracted to anticipation of profits and self-assertion, and for another one trying something new is a decisive factor…
Each customer has their own specific emotional profile:
The categorization of customers into certain types has been more or less arbitrary until now. The research, on which LIMBIC® SALES SOLUTION is based, now, for the first time, gives you scientifically founded and immediately implementable profiles for your sales. You will playfully learn a method of immediately assigning an emotional profile to each customer. After just a few sentences, you will know what makes the strongest emotional impact on this particular customer. Once this happens, you will be surfing on the waves of customers’ limbic system.

Just imagine what this means for you!

  • You massively shorten the duration of the sales pitch, since through practiced questions and listening, you directly get to the customer’s decisive emotional buying triggers.
  • You skilfully avoid talking at cross purposes, as during the training you learn what emotional type you are yourself. This helps you prevent misunderstandings and get on the right emotional track with every customer.
  • You enhance customer satisfaction by giving each and every customer exactly what they want at heart.
  • You only bring arguments that trigger positive emotions for your offer. With an uncanny instinct, you avoid topics to which the customer could react allergically. You put your advantages at the forefront, making your customers immediately feel comfortable with you.

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