limbic® shoppience®

Top success through shopping experiences

Limbic® under license from Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG, Munich and in cooperation with Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

limbic® shoppience®

Experiences bring results.


The years of neuroscientific research have proven that:
Anything that does not trigger an emotion is worthless for the brain!
Decisions are made based on emotions!
Based on the most up-to-date neuroscientific knowledge and in close cooperation with Nymphenburg Group, we have developed a practical model and tools for emotional presentation and brain-oriented sales to trigger emotions in customers that will lead them to buying. This model bears the name “Limbic® Shoppience®“.

With Limbic® Shoppience®, you are, for the first time, equipped with well-grounded and proven knowledge to quickly reach out to every customer in any field, and to show them the emotional approach they wish for themselves at heart. Once you bond with your clients at emotional level, you stop from selling, you just let people buy.

Imagine what this means for you!


You implement the latest, most effective and proven methods and secure a place in the first row of your customer’s brain.


You avoid insecurity and mistrust by your customers, as you speak with every customer in their own language, thereby building a bridge of trust with them!

Guaranteed Success:

You raise your incomes, as you choose the quickest and the most effective way to bond with your clients emotionally and lead them to buying with a good feeling and satisfaction.


You boost the quality of your campaign to a dimension it has never had before, as you are able to reach out to your clients emotionally and to motivate and inspire them.

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