Welcome to one of the strongest sales agencies of Switzerland. At us, everything has been revolving around sales moments since 2001. For this, we create emotional, effective sales experiences – special moments, in which customers want to buy your products, guarantying you a sales success.
We use different touchpoints along the customer journey, skilfully playing with the 5 senses and showing an individual approach to each customer, treating them in a way they want to be treated, so they feel comfortable.

What drives us?

We want to touch people’s hearts – create a happy moment for them, a special moment of delight!
Our burning strive for this always moves us forward, letting us unwaveringly and constantly look for new ways to achieve that moment.
The fact of being able to make this change in people’s lives, gives us a great sense of gratitude.

Which values make us:

Which values make us:

strong, not oppressive
impressive, not cocky
proud, not elitist
cordial, not smarmy
sensitive, not oversensitive
radiant,  not pompous
hungry, not greedy
uncomplicated, not reckless
disciplined, not entrenched
loyal, not submissive
determined, not dogged