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Top success through emotional selling

Limbic® under license from Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG, Munich and in cooperation with Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

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Why are customers buying?


You have certainly asked yourself what exactly motivates your customers to buy things. Which Facing speaks to them emotionally and immediately attracts them to you like a magnet? How to rapidly recognize customers’ emotional personality profile and get them excited in their own language? What else do you still need to do to bring your customers into a state of mind, in which they want to buy? Nowadays there are exact answers to this.
Limbic® promo implements the latest brain research data in your campaigns.
The years of research, which are also the foundation of the Limbic® Promotion, have proven one thing: All purchase decisions are made by emotions and feelings, controlled by the limbic system, a region in the brain where emotions are processed.

Which obstacles can be skipped?

Everyone responds differently to this. Motives and values ​​as well as product and design preferences evoke different emotions in different customers. Adjusting these to the emotional profiles of your clients is decisive.

Every customer has their own personal emotional profile:
By using the Master Limbic® Sales course, which is based on well-founded scientific data and knowledge, you can emotionally connect with your clients, fascinate and activate them, so they feel comfortable and well taken care of.  Applying this course consistently means dancing tango with the limbic system of customers!

Imagine what this means for you!

  • You ignite an emotional firework in your customers and bring them a state of mind, in which they want to quickly make a purchase.
  • You raise your sales and revenues because you are now offering each customer exactly what he or she wants deep inside.
  • You implement emotions at all levels and gain satisfied customers and “brand evangelists”.
  • You create positive customer experiences and bond with your customers emotionally.

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